Texico Ranch

We love the Blue Valentine and Joe Hancock Bloodlines.

Our horses' bloodlines consist of a blend of pedigrees with top bloodlines up close. Emphasis has been placed on disposition, conformation, genetics, and athletic ability. We produce horses that can perform on the ranch or in the arena and also used by the family on the farm as well for trail riding.

We stand two blue roans and a Grullo Roan stallion to the public.....

Dart Hancock

Stallion services are available to a select few outside mares.

We will offer a select few horses for sale each year. If you are interested please give us a call.

We also raise Charolais Cattle that are both functional and profitable.
We have registered and unregistered Charolais.

"The Charolais influence in a crossbreeding program adds exceptional boost to heterosis,
economic value and cow herd predictability". (High Plains Journal/Midwest Ag Journal 1/23/06.)

Jimmy Bonner Fence Company can help you with custom corrals, pens, sweeps, alleyways, pasture fencing, and more.

Our horses are fed the best
EquiLix tubs - a free choice protein lick block.
No molasses, starch, or sugar

Keep up with us on....

Texico Ranch

20996 N. Miller Lake Lane
Texico, IL 62889

Phone: 618-315-8800 or 618-214-2392
E-Mail: texicoranch@gmail.com

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