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San N Doc (Deceased)

We specialize in breeding quality cutting bred quarter horses that are capable of competing on all levels of performance as well as having top bloodlines that are close up! In our breeding program, the dam's pedigree, conformation, and ability is just as important as the sires. We stand two stallions to the public - HickoryNLena and Doc O Chet.

We raise Charolais Cattle that are both functional and profitable.
We have registered and unregistered Charolais.

"The Charolais influence in a crossbreeding program adds
exceptional boost to heterosis, economic value and cow herd
predictability". (High Plains Journal/Midwest Ag Journal 1/23/06.)

We raise AKC Australian Cattledogs. Our dogs are our kids. We spend most of our time with them. They sleep with us and it is not unusual to have several in the house at one time. We have several show champions and several that love to watch television with us as "couch potatoes". A wore out cattle dog has to sleep next to you and always be touching you in some way. Several of our dogs work cattle with ease. One female (Madison) loves to herd chickens, she is very athletic and quite good. Most of our ACD's love to play frisbee and/or ball. All of our dogs will jump in a cattle/horse trough full of water to cool off.

ACD's want to be with their owners twenty four/seven. Sometimes, they get into mischief because of boredom or anxiety issues. Like children they must be shown right from wrong. If you don't spend quality time with your dogs, correct, teach/train, and love them, then this breed is not for you. "Time out" in the corner doesn't work for this breed. They are highly intelligent, sometimes a little bull headed but very loveable. ACD's are like potato chips you just can't have ONE !

Champion Bluey's Breakin All the Rules aka "Hummer"

Dozer going for the nose

Bluey's Outback is a licensed kennel. What does a licensed kennel mean? In the State of Illinois, if you rescue or board dogs, or if you have five or more breeding age female dogs at any given time you must be licensed. Which means you are inspected by the State at least two times a year by unannounced visits. The same inspection given to vet clinics and/or animal shelters. The State has a copy of your health guarantee. A kennel license is a great thing and if you take care of your animals you have nothing to hide. A kennel license does not mean that dogs are locked up in kennels all day long or you're a puppy mill. Even though, our dogs are raised on a working cattle ranch they are not allowed to run unsupervised. They are loved too much to ever let them get hit by a car.

Being a lover of the ACD breed you can't look the other way and not help the dogs in need. The ones on death row in the local kill shelters. There are so many nice ACD's that were turned in because people can't afford to feed them, some owners don't want to take the time for them, and some are just lost. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these dogs. They were supposed to be a commitment for life.

Australian Cattle Dog Rescue of Illinois is a all volunteer cattle dog rescue. We are applying for our 501(3)C. We have several cattle dogs available for adoption. All are fully vetted. Please take a look: www.australiancattledogrescue.net.

Champion Bluey's Miss Goodie Two Shoes
aka "Goodie" finished her Championship with just 3 weekend shows and she beat the #2 and #5 bitch in the country. She is proudly owned by Frieda Young.

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